What is Comfort Food?

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In the United States, the weather is becoming colder, and the days are becoming shorter. During cooler weather, people tend to crave food that makes them feel warm and cozy. We use a specific idiom to describe foods that stimulate this feeling: comfort food.

What does comfort mean to you? For many people, it means sleeping late in a warm bed, or relaxing completely in front of the television after a long day. To be comfortable is to feel relaxed, safe, and happy. We usually think about comfort related to the body, and food is no exception. There are certain foods that can make you feel comfortable, especially in cold weather.

What is the difference between comfort food and regular food? Comfort food tends to be heavier and more filling. A salad or simple sandwich isn’t comfort food. The texture of comfort food is usually hot, thick, and creamy. Which meals do you like that fit this description?

In the United States, common examples of comfort food include a creamy, savory dishes like casseroles. Hearty soups and stews with a lot of meat and vegetables also qualify as comfort food. Creamy desserts like cheesecake and pumpkin pie are delicious cold-weather comfort foods. The most well-known American comfort food is macaroni and cheese: tender pasta tubes or shells with creamy, salty, savory cheese cause. In many cases, these foods remind people of comforting, homemade meals that they ate when they were children, so these meals have a strong emotional association with love and care.


Read this dialog about comfort food and answer the questions in the quiz below.

Melanie: Hey, Darren! How was your weekend? Did you stay warm?

Darren: Hi, Melanie. I had a great weekend. My family met at my mom’s house on Sunday, and she served us homemade comfort food.

Melanie: That sounds amazing. I love comfort food when the weather gets cold. What did your mom make?

Darren: We had chicken and dumplings, macaroni and cheese, and homemade pie for dessert.

Melanie: When I visit home in the autumn, my Mom makes me a homemade beef stew. It’s delicious and reminds me of being a kid.

Darren: Yeah, a hot meal at home is amazing in cold weather.


serve servir
chicken and dumplings Pollo con dumplings (albóndigas de masa hervida)
homemade hecho en casa
stew estofado/guiso
to remind recordar
meal comida

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