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The Doctor

The Open English approach brings you a course focused on your interests and your career. Anytime, anywhere.


Wanted to conquer the world, but made a fatal mistake: never mastered English. Learn from the past, not in the past. Learn with Open English.

Past Perfect

Are you an expert in the past perfect continuous tense in English, but you still can’t seem to speak fluently? We can help.


She now has the pronunciation she always wanted. You, too can reach your goals with Open English.


Every problem can be solved with Open English. For an impeccable pronunciation, trust our native English-speaking teachers. Watch how.


Afraid of that upcoming presentation where you’ll have to speak English in front of the Board? With Open English, you’ll be able to practice as much as you need until you gain the confidence to communicate fluently. Take your career to the next level with Open English.


Feel like you’re entering a time machine when you step into your English class? Let the past be and learn English smartly.


Don’t let your old English course turn back the clock on you, leap into your future with Open English!


Moonstruck, Wachu tries his luck with Lunar English, will he ever get back to Earth?


Marcos has a job, and three children who come up with unexpected games every day. It seems impossible for him to find time to study English…

Bad Boys

As a Bad Boy, Wachu gets his share of punishment by law enforcement. With Open English, things could have turned out differently.

Wachu in the Wild West

There’s a new cowboy in town, and his name is Wachu… Anything can happen. Stay tuned.

Persuation or Pronunciation?

There are limits to communication, especially when your pronunciation doesn’t help… find out why here.


Hypnosis is good for stress, not learning a language! Watch why.

Football Player

Wachu’s new English teacher tackles his pronunciation.


It’s embarrassing when you can’t say what you want.

Hip Hop English

Wachu can’t speak English very well, but he can sing.

The books on the table

In a traditional English class, it’s “Repeat after me,” forever!

The Classics

How you doing?

If you want to impress an American girl, better learn some English first.

Angels and Demons

Make sure you get the right advice about studying English.


Re-chicken: Wachu sticks to his personal “system” for learning English.