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Open English offers a diverse approach to learning English with live classes, lessons and practice

Learning by Immersion and Practice

Immersing our students in the language is a fundamental element of Open English. The best way to learn English is by regularly practicing words and phrases, as well as activities that teach you to listen and speak as you study grammar. Practice makes perfect, and to help you become fluent we provide you with the most advanced learning tools available. Our entertaining videos teach you proper pronunciation through voice recognition technology, and you can practice your listening skills with our audio lessons. You can even read the most recent news in English, adapted to your level of understanding.

The Open English program allows you to practice what you learn from your lessons, increase your vocabulary and have fun as you immerse yourself in the language.

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Pronunciation Tool

Actively listening to and repeating words and phrases in English is a vital part of attaining English fluency. The cutting-edge speech recognition system available to Open English’s students provides immediate feedback on your pronunciation. You choose videos with topics that interest you, and can see the conversation in a crawl along the bottom of the screen. You can slow down or play back words and phrases, repeating them to learn the correct pronunciation. We have over 400 videos on travel, sports, entertainment, business, science, dining out and other topics that will complement your Open English curriculum.

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Join the thousands of students who have reached English fluency using our award-winning online course. Our method, which combines live conversation classes with hundreds of hours of multimedia lessons, is guaranteed to have you communicating confidently in English at less than a fourth of the cost of a traditional school.