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Open English offers a diverse approach to learning English with live classes, lessons and practice

No More Textbooks!

You can learn English without boring textbooks at Open English. Our online course helps you become fluent in English with interactive lessons and entertaining videos you can use whenever you want. Forget the traditional methods and learn English the smart way.

The Open English program allows you to practice what you learn from your lessons, increase your vocabulary and have fun as you immerse yourself in the language.

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No More Textbooks
Learning Profile

Individual Experience

Unlike a traditional classroom experience, where everyone follows the same structure and textbook, the Open English course is flexible and unique for each student. Explore the topics you are most interested in at your own pace without having to worry about missing anything. Repeat tough lessons as many times as you need to, and skip over easier lessons you have already mastered. You set your own schedule. If you want to go faster, great! Busy week? No problem, simply adjust your weekly goals. You are in control of your English course.

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Travel Interest
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Learning Profile

At the start of the course, you will fill out your own learning profile so we can better understand your specific skill level, career aspirations, goals, and interests. Are you interested in traveling to an English-speaking country? Learning business terms in English? Improving your pronunciation? We will customize your course based on these factors and recommend the curriculum that will help you reach your goals most effectively.

Tools that simplify learning

Tools that simplify learning

Our lessons feature multimedia content, with video, audio, and interactive exercises that involve all your senses and help you retain the new information intuitively.

Your learning session will be rounded up by using tools like dictionaries, grammar guides and spell-checkers. You can even take notes in a virtual notebook whenever you want.

Teachers are also available when you’re taking an interactive lesson, so that you always feel supported in your learning path.

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