Success Stories

Students tell how Open English has changed their lives.

Featured Success Story

Elizabeth Felix

Elizabeth Felix Jimenez – México

“Open English has been my best tool that I have ever had to learn English. I recommend it 100% because it is a serious company with high quality. The most enjoyable is the professionalism of its Teachers and that they are native English speakers. I´m so proud and glad to have chosen them as my guide to reach my goal at improving my English, now I feel confidence when I need to talk with English speakers.”

Luis E. Aguerrevere – Venezuela

“I believe Open English has honored their promise and has fulfilled all of my expectations. It is very well organized and I hope they can keep up this high level of attention. Thank you Open English!”

Samira Montoya – Miami, Florida

“I finally have the opportunity to fit English learning into my lifestyle. Open English depends on the time that I can devote to learning, and I can go at my own pace.”

Julio Diaz – Venezuela

“I found Open English to be an ally to help me learn. It helped me lose the fear of speaking in English. I hope this serves as an aid and incentive to other students because I was so motivated.”

Jennifer Soto – Colombia

“I have invested lots of money in different courses and tried multiple programs, but Open English has exceeded my expectations. I am so happy with this course!”

Olga Castañeda – Mexico

“To this day, I can say I could not have made a better decision. Open English is what I needed to master this language, which was of greatest importance.”

Luz M. Silva G. – Argentina

“I know Open English wants the best for all those who decide to learn English through their program. Thank you for helping me to change my life.”