Expresiones en inglés: “hit the ground running”

Expresiones en inglés: “hit the ground running”

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Intermediate Level

Hit the ground running = to begin something immediately

When you begin a project immediately and with a lot of energy, you can say that you hit the ground running. When you need to finish a project, it is important to hit the ground running to complete it quickly.

  • Tracy: Hi, Chris. I wanted to tell you that you’re doing a good job on the new project.
  • Chris: Thanks! I know I’m new at the company, but I’m enjoying the work.
  • Tracy: You really hit the ground running, and I’m proud of your hard work.
  • Chris: Thank you, Tracy. I really appreciate it.

Think about it: Talk about a project that you began quickly. Use the idiom “hit the ground running”. Want more? Sign up or sign in to Open English