Idioms in English – to wait on someone hand and foot

Idioms in English – to wait on someone hand and foot

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Have you ever waited on someone hand and foot?

To wait on someone hand and foot is to take care of them very well. When you do everything for someone, you take care of all of someone’s needs, you are waiting on them hand and foot.

The idiom “to wait on someone hand and foot” is used when you make sure that someone is comfortable in every way. Sick people are often waited on hand and foot. However, this phrase usually has a negative connotation.

Aaron: Bryan is saying that he’s sick.

Sandra: Yes, he’s very ill. He can’t get out of bed.

Aaron: Is there anything I can do?

Sandra: Can you take care of him? I’ve been waiting on him hand and foot all day, and I’m tired.

Talk about it: Tell someone about taking care of everything for someone. Use the phrase “waiting on them hand and foot».

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