Grammar: While

Grammar: While

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 while n., conj., prep., v.
 a period or interval of time:
 to wait a long while;
 all the while, at or during this time;
 all along:
 during or in the time that.
 throughout the time that; as long as.
 even though;
prep. [Archaic.] until.
 to cause (time) to pass, esp. in some easy or pleasant manner (usually fol. by away).
Ref. WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English

As a conjunction, you can use “while” to compare two things.

For example: While this hotel is bigger, the other is better.

You can use the word “while” to compare two objects, events, or activities. You compare their characteristics.


Bryan: What will you have for a snack?

Teresa: I don’t know. While the apple is healthier, the cake is delicious.

Bryan: I would choose the apple. It’s good for you.

Teresa: You’re right. I’ll have the apple.

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